Friday, 11 May 2012

Is it time to consider trading Stephen Strasburg ?

The only concerning question going forward with Strasburg is when he is going to be shutdown? Fantasy Leagues are not won in May and June, it is always the teams that get hot through the July and August and at the very least hold it together during September. This is especially true for my preferred H2H Leagues.

So we have to address Strasburg as if we know an injury is coming don’t we? Obviously in a Keeper format you take the numbers while you can and prepare to replace him come play-off time. But when will the kid call it a year? 150-160 IP seems likely, which leads to other questions - should you try to move the star arm? And if so, when? And further, what should you target as a return? I currently do not own a single Stephen Strasburg share, but I have a savvy owner consistently offering him my way for a big bat in one league. I’m avoiding now because I did in March. I didn’t want to be faced with this dilemma then, and it is only going to get tougher each start.

Strasburg was sensational last night, and he might have the most electric stuff in baseball. I have seen portions of nearly all his games and he is helping a lot of owners, but how do owners replace an Ace? You don’t. My thoughts on my approach if I owned him would be to openly shop him and try to improve my club in another area, or maybe get a buy low pitching candidate. Perhaps Yovani Gallardo and mid tier outfielder, like Adam Jones.

I really don’t know what the answers to these questions are but it is important to take notice, because as the summer comes Strasburg’s value decreases, and we all know how hard it is to replace an Ace in our Fantasy Rotation.

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