Thursday, 10 May 2012

Who is Scott Van Slyke ?

The Dodgers recalled Andy’s son Wednesday and the kid drove in a run on a pinch hit single in the 6th inning. A great start to any MLB career, but Van Slyke has never been a hyped prospect and you certainly wont find him near the top of any lists. But there are three reasons to keep an eye on Mr. Van Slyke Jr.
First, he has raked in Triple-A to the tune of 25 RBIs in 32 games, hitting at a .336 clip which is paired with a .411 OBP. Van Slyke has also shown legit pop with 8 bombs. Those are great minor league numbers and now he is in the show. Good on you Kid. So could he be this week’s Will Middlebrooks? I’ll answer that later …

Secondly, Van Slyke is a corner outfielder, who could also play some First Bag, and who stands in his way for playing time? Bobby Abreau, James Loney and eventually Juan Rivera when he returns; all are beacons of fantasy mediocrity. Van Slyke isn’t going to play everyday, but he could see enough at bats around the diamond in the beginning to earn more and more playing time.

Thirdly, Matt Kemp plays for the Dodgers. If you hit anywhere near Matt Kemp you are going to have a chance to benefit from his lineup presence. There is no telling what might happen or not happen with Scott Van Slyke, but he is an intriguing player to keep tabs on over the next few weeks, for the above three reasons and that his dad was a classy ball player.

Scott Van Slyke is not this week’s Will Middlebrooks though, because Middlebrooks is a hyped prospect, whereas Van Slyke has just slid under the radar en route to the big leagues. However, what is more important is that Van Slyke doesn’t have the talent blocking his playing time, to go with some position flexibility to help find his way on the diamond.

Keep Tabs on Scotty Jr.


Question of the Day

“Im in 16 team H2H league. I was offered J-Ham & Jeter for Tulo,King Felix & Markakis. I declined. DId I do the right thing?”

Thanks for your question.

I would have countered that deal and asked for a first tier arm to be included returning my way. As a principal I always want to get the best player in a deal, not the hottest. With that being said, I don't know who that player is right now. Josh Hamilton is absolutely on fire, but last week he sat and his resume is far from a clean bill of health. Mr. Jeter is the best Fantasy Short Stop in 2012, and his success has been well documented since his 3000 hit. So it is fair to say you’re getting two of the best players in Fantasy right now.

Here is why I agree with your decision. You invested a high pick on Tulowitzki; likely a top 5 pick and he has been decent thus far and although he is nursing a sore groin he should get back to his elite self through June, July and August. Nick Markakis is just a throw in amongst these names, however, he is a fine bottom tier starting outfielder, especially in a 16 team league. Markakis will improve as the season continues. He is a lock for 15+ dingers, 70+ RBIs and is often cited as an underrated H2H performer.

The difference in this deal is the Felix Hernandez component and the significance of your deep league. This deal isn’t even close when you consider that Hernandez is leading the league in punch outs and has a proven track record as a top notch arm. The King’s ERA and WHIP are below 2 and 1 respectively and with the Mariners flirting with .500 and some better young bats in the lineup - he is irreplaceable.

This trade boils down to the question of how you replace Felix Hernandez and the answer isn’t blowing in the wind … it is in flashing neon lights … You Can’t. You made the right decision.


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